about us - Who's So Hungry?


Hi! We're JoBeth & Tom, co-owners of Who's So Hungry! You may know us from our parent company, The Lovemade Home where we sell tilt-out trash cabinets and laundry hampers. Or, maybe you've visited us at Josephine Thomas Home where we sell high-quality, custom home decor. We officially started our first company in 2016 in our garage and have grown since to our own warehouse where we work hard to deliver beautiful home decor and pet items to our customers. With thousands of satisfied customers and 5 star reviews behind us, we stand ready to help make your home even more functional and beautiful. For a more detailed story you can visit us here.

We currently have 6 golden doodles who have assisted us in testing our beautiful products, Dottie, Layla, Harry, Gus, Betty, & Ernie. We understand the need for quality pet furniture that blends beautifully with people furniture, so we started Who's So Hungry, our third store. And it's made right here in the USA and not overseas.

What does the name mean?

The phrase "Who's So Hungry?" is the question we ask our dogs every morning and evening when it is time to feed them. We even have a song we made up to go with it. When we sing the song or ask them the all-important question, who's so hungry? They all perk up and run back to their feeder and line up. It felt fitting to name our pet store after our six children (not including our 3 human children;) ). 

What do you sell?

Our best-selling pet products that started it all is our elevated pet feeders. Not only are they good for your dog's joint health, but they don't disrupt the flow of your home! They are made to match your space and serve a function - as are all of our products! Another fan favorite is our hidden dog food storage. Designed to match both your home and your elevated feeder, the hidden food storage offers the ultimate solution to unsightly kibble bags. It also keeps the pets out of the food storage, much to their dismay.

We sell many of other items such as pet beds, litter box covers, personalized decor, pet necessities and so much more!

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